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Textured Rolling Pins & Punches

Discover a variety of textured rolling pins and punches, each offering unique patterns and designs to suit a wide range of modelling applications. Whether you're sculpting terrain features, creating custom bases, or adding surface textures to your miniatures, our selection provides the versatility and precision you need to achieve professional-quality results.

Explore our range of rolling pins, which feature raised patterns and textures that can be easily transferred onto various modelling materials such as polymer clay, green stuff, and putty. Simply roll the pin over your chosen surface to imprint intricate details, creating realistic textures with minimal effort.

Additionally, our punches allow you to create precise and uniform shapes with ease. Whether you're punching out rivets, bolts, or other small details, our punches provide clean and consistent results, making them ideal for adding embellishments and decorations to your models.

Choose from a variety of patterns and sizes to suit your specific project requirements. Whether you're replicating natural textures like stone, wood, or cobblestone, or adding mechanical details like rivets, bolts, or panel lines, our textured rolling pins and punches offer endless possibilities for creativity and customisation.

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