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Weathering & Finishes

Discover a diverse selection of weathering effects, including washes, pigments, and rust streaks, each designed to simulate natural weathering and ageing processes. Whether you're replicating the effects of sun, rain, or wear and tear, our weathering products offer versatility and ease of application for achieving lifelike results.

Explore our range of finishing touches, such as varnishes, matte coats, and gloss finishes, to protect your models and add the perfect final touch. Whether you're sealing in your weathering effects or enhancing the shine of metallic surfaces, our finishes provide the durability and professional-quality results you need to complete your projects with confidence.

Choose from a variety of colours, textures, and formulations to suit your specific modelling requirements and preferences. Whether you're working on military vehicles, aircraft, or dioramas, our weathering and finishing products offer endless possibilities for customisation and creative expression.

Perfect for scale model enthusiasts, diorama builders, and figure painters, our weathering and finishing products are essential tools for adding realism and depth to your creations. Whether you're a beginner experimenting with basic weathering techniques or an experienced artist pushing the boundaries of realism, our products provide the reliability and performance you need to achieve stunning results.

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