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Paint Palettes

Improve your painting workflow and achieve precise colour mixing with Paint Palettes from The Model Workshop. Explore our range of high-quality palettes, meticulously designed to meet the needs of modellers, artists, and hobbyists.

Discover a variety of palette options, including traditional mixing trays, wet palettes, and disposable sheets, each offering unique advantages for different painting techniques and preferences. Whether you prefer the convenience of disposable palettes or the long-term usability of reusable trays, our selection provides options to suit every painter's needs.

Choose from various sizes and configurations to suit your specific painting projects and preferences. Whether you're working on large-scale canvases or intricate miniatures, our palettes offer ample space for mixing colours and experimenting with different paint consistencies.

Perfect for acrylic, oil, watercolour, and gouache painting, our palettes are essential tools for every painter's toolkit. Whether you're a beginner exploring basic colour theory or an experienced artist refining your mixing techniques, our palettes provide the reliability and convenience you need to achieve professional-quality results.

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